3 years of wanting to come over and kill some time


Things that annoy Ash v.2

-All HR departments I’ve ever had to deal with
-The drop-rate on Quetzalcoatl
-Uncomfortable shoes
-The color pink
-The verb “a incropi” (God, that gives me the heebie-jeebies)
-Videos disappearing from my YouTube playlists
-Commercials at the start of every video on Youtube and needing to get a Firefox addon for that
-Overly nice people
-Nosy people
-People trying to force their beliefs on you
-People walking slowly on the subway platform in front of me and no room to get past them
-Crowded places
-Things that aren’t straight or aligned
-Even numbers
-Duckface selfies
-Spam (No, I don’t need a goddamn penis enlargement, my junk is of epic proportions and one cannot ignore its girth)

Things that annoy Ash

– Passive-aggressiveness
– Invasion of personal space
– Being made curious about something and then being told “nevermind”.
– Talking on the phone for longer than 3 minutes
– Being asked when I’m planning to get married and/or have kids
– Small yappy dogs
– Request timed out replies from my DNS server
– RNG in anything game related
– Shooters
– Football
– Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius
– Hollidays
– Shows i like being cancelled
– People getting pissed off when I’m not in the mood to chat
– People getting pissed off when I’m not in the mood to go out
– People talking too much about stuff I couldn’t possibly find interesting or care about
– People trying to guilt me into hanging out with them
– People



Bucket list v 1.1

Add-ons to the vanilla version:

– Know enough about being human to write a “Guide to Intimacy”, complete with step-by-step interacting, setting boundaries (and knowing when to keep or throw them the fuck away), filtering;

– Have the capacity to zoom out instantly when i need to. I still get stuck in details sometimes;

– Get a tattoo

– Win the lottery

– Have a proper 3some

– Take a walk to sniff tea trees EVERY day during their season


Dupa mine, potopul

Obisnuiesc sa ma trezesc pe partea care nu trebuie a sexului feminin. Uit sa fiu delicata si sensibila, sa tin atat de mult la silueta mea incat sa refuz o “Diana” de la cofetaria Alice, sa fiu obsedata de manichiura, sa nu injur ca un birjar, sa-mi placa la nebunie chestiile care stralucesc, sa plang la o comedie romantica, sa raspund pasiv-agresiv cu “nimic.” atunci cand sunt intrebata “ce ai?” si alte trasaturi des intalnite la noi, posesoarele de tits.