Things that annoy Ash v.2

-All HR departments I’ve ever had to deal with
-The drop-rate on Quetzalcoatl
-Uncomfortable shoes
-The color pink
-The verb “a incropi” (God, that gives me the heebie-jeebies)
-Videos disappearing from my YouTube playlists
-Commercials at the start of every video on Youtube and needing to get a Firefox addon for that
-Overly nice people
-Nosy people
-People trying to force their beliefs on you
-People walking slowly on the subway platform in front of me and no room to get past them
-Crowded places
-Things that aren’t straight or aligned
-Even numbers
-Duckface selfies
-Spam (No, I don’t need a goddamn penis enlargement, my junk is of epic proportions and one cannot ignore its girth)

Things that annoy Ash

– Passive-aggressiveness
– Invasion of personal space
– Being made curious about something and then being told “nevermind”.
– Talking on the phone for longer than 3 minutes
– Being asked when I’m planning to get married and/or have kids
– Small yappy dogs
– Request timed out replies from my DNS server
– RNG in anything game related
– Shooters
– Football
– Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius
– Hollidays
– Shows i like being cancelled
– People getting pissed off when I’m not in the mood to chat
– People getting pissed off when I’m not in the mood to go out
– People talking too much about stuff I couldn’t possibly find interesting or care about
– People trying to guilt me into hanging out with them
– People



Bucket list v 1.1

Add-ons to the vanilla version:

– Know enough about being human to write a “Guide to Intimacy”, complete with step-by-step interacting, setting boundaries (and knowing when to keep or throw them the fuck away), filtering;

– Have the capacity to zoom out instantly when i need to. I still get stuck in details sometimes;

– Get a tattoo

– Win the lottery

– Have a proper 3some

– Take a walk to sniff tea trees EVERY day during their season


Dupa mine, potopul

Obisnuiesc sa ma trezesc pe partea care nu trebuie a sexului feminin. Uit sa fiu delicata si sensibila, sa tin atat de mult la silueta mea incat sa refuz o “Diana” de la cofetaria Alice, sa fiu obsedata de manichiura, sa nu injur ca un birjar, sa-mi placa la nebunie chestiile care stralucesc, sa plang la o comedie romantica, sa raspund pasiv-agresiv cu “nimic.” atunci cand sunt intrebata “ce ai?” si alte trasaturi des intalnite la noi, posesoarele de tits.

Skin of the night

My skin is sore. I’ve listened to this for hours. The series of random choices on teh intarwebz that led me to it is part of the feeling it gives me. I’ve been shattered and put together on repeat. I’m a masochist.